Amanda Elanor Tribble is a comic artist and illustrator. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2015 with a BA (Hons) Illustration. Her most recent work is short comic The Legend of Eider Penmagli, and she is now working on webcomic Paranormal Investigators.

Currently seeking new projects!!

Amanda Elanor Tribble first got interested in comics at the age of 12. She'd been interested in story-telling and art long before that, but comics offered her the first real possibility of being able to create something herself. Her debut was in Codename: Pepsi by ITCH Publishing when she was 15, and she self-published Something Brewing a year later.

Since then, she has gone onto run webcomic Wander No More as well as publishing a number of short form works like Maude Clare, Think Up! and The Legend of Eider Penmagli. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2015 with a First Class Hounours degree in Illustration. In addition to making comics, she also has an academic interest in them; her disseration was written on the topic of postmodern and fandom influences on twenty-first century comics.

Other interests include baking, vicarious reading of YA books, drinking tea & maintaining a presence in several fandoms. She was also part of the University of Lincoln Comic Society, advocating on behalf of independent and self published comics (to quite a degree of success.)

You can watch her discuss her work and various projects in interview filmed as part of Dawn of The Unread here.

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