Amanda Elanor Tribble is a comic artist and illustrator. She graduated from the University of Lincoln in 2015 with a BA (Hons) Illustration. Her most recent work is short comic The Legend of Eider Penmagli, and she is now working on webcomic Paranormal Investigators.

Currently seeking new projects!!

The Legend of Eider Penmagli

The Legend of Eider Penmagli is thus; a long long time ago, a great evil rose from beneath the mountain.

But that evil was vanquished. Nowadays, a thriving village sits in the shadow of the mountain. In it live Rhianwen and Constance, who live ordinary lives.

Except for one thing. Magic still lingers, a legacy from all those years ago. A gift they both can harness, using it for the benefit of the whole village. But Constance has bad dreams, and Rhianwen worries about the danger that may be lurking in the future.

The morning is fresh and clear. A blessing is said. And today will be the same as any other.

A 24 page comic about magic and mystery and small town life, The Legend of Eider Penmagli will debut at MCM Comic Con.

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